May 3, 2006 – Douglas Cooper Recognized Among Top in Automatic Control Division

Douglas Cooper Recognized Among Top in Automatic Control Division

May 3, 2006  The Automatic Control Systems Division of ISA commended Control Station’s Douglas Cooper for his technical paper at the most recent ISA EXPO held in Chicago. Dr. Cooper is Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Control Station, a leading provider of automatic process control technologies and training services. He also serves as professor and Director of the Chemical Engineering Program at the University of Connecticut.

My work at Control Station and the University of Connecticut is entirely practical. By transforming complex control theory into simple concepts and easy-to-use technologies, we maximize the impact on industry, commented Dr. Cooper. ISA’s recognition of my work is a reflection of the need for more practical solutions for enhancing process control and remaining competitive.

The paper presented at the ISA EXPO Model-Based Tuning Methods for PID Controllers advocates a systematic approach to evaluating process dynamics and improving performance using PID controllers. Techniques covered in the paper are based on Dr. Cooper’s more than 25 years of industry experience and academic research.

Dr. Cooper now publishes a blog where he provides tutorials and participates in discussions on the technologies that formed the basis of his award winning paper, including PID control, classical and advanced control architectures, and PID tuning methods applicable across the chemical and process industries. To view the blog, visit Control Station’s website at and click on the link for, Technology Talk with Doug Cooper.

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