November 11, 2009 – LOOP-PRO TUNER Becomes the First PID Tuning Software Available thru Encompass Partner Program

LOOP-PRO TUNER Becomes the First PID Tuning Software Available thru Encompass Partner Program

November 11, 2009 – Control Station today announced its alignment with Rockwell Automation through membership in Rockwell Automation’s Encompass Partner Program. The relationship expands Control Station’s access to manufacturers within the process industries, and it facilitates distribution of the Company’s award-winning process diagnostic and optimization technologies.

Rockwell Automation is the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information. The Encompass Partner Program was established as a means of building Rockwell’s portfolio of product and service offerings that target the unique needs of industry. Control Station’s LOOP-PRO TUNER technology is the only process modeling and controller tuning software participating in the Encompass Partner Program.

Control Station’s impressive ability to model a wide variety of dynamic and oscillatory processes adds significant value to Rockwell’s clients,” said Ben Mansfield, Process Product Manager, Rockwell Automation. “By integrating LOOP-PRO TUNER with our portfolio and delivering ease-of-use capabilities tailored to PlantPAx systems, Rockwell’s users can quickly and easily tune highly complex loops, the first step in any process optimization endeavor.”

LOOP-PRO is widely recognized as best-in-class software for PID diagnostic and optimization. LOOP-PRO’s patent-pending Non-Steady State (NSS) Modeling Innovation equips end-users with significant technical and economic advantages when tuning dynamic processes. LOOP-PRO software can accurately model and rapidly tune PID controllers in a broader array of industrial applications, including normal operations and the start-up and commissioning of production processes. The Company’s core LOOP-PRO technology is the basis for the newly released TUNER product.

We’re thrilled to expand our network of technology and distribution partners with the addition of Rockwell Automation and the Encompass Partner Program,” commented Dennis Nash, President of Control Station. “LOOP-PRO TUNER provides a highly valuable extension to Rockwell’s process offerings, and its introduction underscores the market’s need for process optimization technologies.”

The AB Version of LOOP-PRO TUNER integrates seamlessly with Rockwell’s RSLinx and FactoryTalk® services. TUNER can be launched directly from the end-user’s HMI or it can be used from a computer workstation and automatically scan for existing controllers, including PID, PIDE and AOI configurations. It simplifies the tuning of PID controllers with access to both real-time process data and the associated controller’s configuration. TUNER also accepts data from plant historians for offline analysis and can accurately model open- and closed-loop data.

Like other LOOP-PRO products, the AB Version of TUNER applies a unique approach to the analysis of multi-variable process data and it eliminates the need for steady-state operation during testing. In contrast with other time-domain modeling technologies, the NSS Modeling Innovation does not utilize a specific data point or average data point as a “known” and is therefore not constrained by it. Rather, it centers the model across the entire range of data under consideration and can account for oscillatory and disturbance-driven behavior typically witnessed in production processes.

With the introduction of the NSS modeling innovation and other product enhancements, LOOP-PRO stands alone among PID diagnostic and optimization technologies. No other software product on the market has the ability to accurately model non-steady state process data. Control Station filed a patent for the NSS Modeling Innovation with the United States Patent and Trade Office in June 2008.

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