October 31, 2017 – UK Publication Expands Control Station Audience with Viewpoints Contribution

Control Station’s Process Control Knowledge and Expertise to be Amplified within the EMEA Region

Manchester, CT – October 31, 2017 – Control Station today announced a new media collaboration with UK-based Process Industry Informer (PII). The collaboration capitalizes on Control Station’s expertise in PID-based regulatory control and plant-wide process optimization. PII’s media platform amplifies the company’s messaging particularly among process manufacturers within the EMEA region.

PII is a leading, independent publisher of content focused on the information needs of practitioners within the process industries.  Through its magazine, website portal and email services PII reaches an audience of nearly 30,000 industry practitioners located throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and elsewhere in the EMEA region. The recently introduced Viewpoints section taps into the knowledge and experience of a select group of domain experts. The primary goal of Viewpoints is to stimulate more meaningful exchanges between industry experts and PII’s growing online audience.

“PII shares our desire to equip practitioners with the knowledge and skills that are needed to be successful in an increasingly complex manufacturing environment,” shared Dennis Nash, Control Station’s President. “As pioneers in process control education with extensive field experience we’re uniquely positioned to lead the very type of interactions that PII seeks.”

Control Station will contribute to Viewpoints on a monthly basis with posts to be authored by Damien Munroe, General Manager of the company’s EMEA operations. With nearly 30 years in industry Mr. Munroe will lend a store of personal, relatable experiences to the collaboration. His posts will leverage a wide range of engineering and operational roles while working in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor sectors. In particular, Mr. Munroe’s posts will address common challenges related to PID control and offer simple, proven techniques that have been proven to deliver consistent results.

“The collaboration between Control Station and PII facilitates regular and direct interaction with practitioners,” commented Mr. Munroe. “Through the blog we can have a meaningful impact on their day-to-day activities while also contributing to safer, more profitable plant performance.”

Control Station is a recognized authority in PID control and plant-wide process optimization. For nearly 30 years the company has supported the education and technology needs of leading process manufacturers worldwide. In addition to its collaboration with PII, Control Station posts on a monthly basis to a blog hosted by Plant Services Magazine and contributes articles regularly to other publications that focus on the process industries. The company anticipates the publication of its inaugural post on PII in early November with subsequent contributions posted on a monthly basis.

About Process Industry Informer

Process Industry Informer has been recognized as a leading magazine serving the manufacturing process industries of the United Kingdom and Ireland since it was launched in 1994. The magazine and website have a combined monthly audience of over 30,000 manufacturing professionals. The magazine prides itself on providing industry best-practices to those who have the everyday responsibility for the well-being, development, maintenance, and cost efficiency of their particular process establishment.



About Control Station

Control Station empowers process manufacturers to increase production efficiency and throughput. The company’s software-based solutions actively monitor and optimize plant-wide control loop performance.

The company’s products are both highly innovative and award-winning. PlantESP™ is the leading CLPM solution for identifying and isolating issues that negatively affect control loop performance. Control Station’s portfolio of        LOOP-PRO™ products is recognized as the process industry’s leading solution for PID controller tuning. It is the only controller tuning software that accurately models oscillatory and noisy process data.

Control Station’s solutions are licensed to leading process manufacturers worldwide and they are available direct from Control Station and through its network of distribution partners. The company is headquartered in the United States.


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