September 24, 2020 – Control Station Engineer Recognized for Advancing State-of-the-Art in Process Optimization

Kevin Lord Josue Included in 2020 Class of Engineering Leaders Under 40


Control Station today celebrated the inclusion of Kevin Lord Josue among other notable recipients of Control Engineering Magazine’s annual Engineering Leaders Under 40 Award. Since the introduction of the award in 2010 numerous Control Station staff have been recognized. Mr. Josue is the fourth staff member to be singled out for his contributions to the advancement of process manufacturing.

Mr. Josue joined Control Station in 2018 as an Associate Field Applications Engineer shortly after graduating from Pennsylvania State University where he earned his degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology. He quickly distinguished himself through his work on several process optimization initiatives. Since joining the company, Mr. Josue has led projects at sites spanning a wide array of industries from Basic Materials and Food & Beverage to Oil & Gas and Power & Utilities. He was promoted to Field Application Engineer within a year of his original date of hire.

“The industry’s appetite for advanced analytic solutions like our PlantESP has created opportunities for individuals like Kevin to make a mark early in their careers,” noted Robert Rice, PhD, the company’s Vice President of Engineering. “We’ve been fortunate to successfully recruit bright, engaged talent to our team, and we’re empowering them to both put their knowledge to work and advance the state-of-the-art in process analytics.”

The Engineering Leaders Under 40 Award was introduced in 2010 in an effort to recognize excellence within the global process control community. Mr. Josue’s selection highlights the award’s continued focus on individuals who excel in their application of existing best-practices while seeking to develop new and improved practices. As an undergraduate candidate at Penn State, Mr. Josue was drawn to technologies like the PLC that apply logic to the control of complex processes. Since joining Control Station, he has been able to dive deep into the PID equations that instruct individual PLCs as well as to grapple with the different control strategies for which the PID can be applied. Now with access to innovative technologies like PlantESP, Mr. Josue is developing novel approaches for the use of analytics as a means of continuously improving plant-wide PID control loop performance.

Control Station is the leading platform-independent provider of process analytic and optimization solutions. Through the company’s analysis of performance data from production facilities located around the world and representing all major sectors of the process industries, the company is redefining what constitutes effective regulatory control. Those insights enable Control Station engineers like Mr. Josue to identify challenges that are common to process manufacturers and to apply new approaches for realizing meaningful process improvement.

About Control Station

Control Station empowers process manufacturers to increase production efficiency and throughput. The company’s software-based solutions actively monitor and optimize plant-wide control loop performance.

The company’s products are both highly innovative and award-winning. PlantESP™ is the leading CLPM solution for identifying and isolating issues that negatively affect control loop performance. Control Station’s portfolio of LOOP-PRO™ products is recognized as the process industry’s leading solution for PID controller tuning. It is the only controller tuning software that accurately models oscillatory and noisy process data. 

Control Station’s solutions are licensed to leading process manufacturers worldwide and they are available direct from Control Station and through its network of distribution partners. The company is headquartered in the United States. 

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