September 7, 2023 – Control Station and dataPARC Announce Partnership to Improve Data Utilization and Plant Efficiency

Control Station and dataPARC announce a technology partnership to enable plants to better leverage data from dataPARC’s next-gen data historian in Control Station’s PlantESP Software. PlantESP helps increase plant production throughput and efficiency by leveraging historized data to optimize control loops.

Developed to address the industry’s need for efficient data management, the dataPARC Historian is noted for its speed and adaptability — making it a preferred choice for over 1000 data-driven process manufacturers globally. 

“Our next-gen Historian was built specifically to empower customers to get all the value from the data.  It’s their data, they own it and should get as much value as they can from it.” said Jason Myers, Business Director at dataPARC.

Control Station’s control loop performance monitoring software communicates with the dataPARC Historian and all other major historians using industry standard protocols. An API mapping function will allow users to quickly integrate dataPARC Historian data tags into PlantESP in a semi-automated process as part of a software development kit (SDK). 

Dennis Nash, CEO of Control Station said, “PlantESP turns historian data into actionable intelligence and our jointly created SDK will greatly reduce plant implementation time to enable plants to better leverage their historian to realize ROI quickly.”

Historized data from the dataPARC Historian, including set point, controller output, manipulated variable, mode, etc. will be passed into PlantESP.

PlantESP proactively monitors control loop performance across a plant or even multiple sites. It helps users get to the root causes of common problems. Furthermore, it provides advanced warning of mechanical, tuning and interaction issues.

Focusing on performance-driving metrics, PlantESP helps users sort out the myriad of information and focus on business and technical key performance indices (KPIs) that are actionable. These include mechanical, PID tuning issues, PID-driven node interactions and more with a powerful user interface that focuses user attention on key issues — at a glance.

About dataPARC

Founded in 1997, dataPARC is a leading provider of industrial analytics and data visualization tools for process optimization and decision support. With a focus on serving the process industry, dataPARC offers historian and real-time analytics software for vertical markets such as oil & gas, pulp & paper, mining & minerals, food, chemicals & refining, and power & utilities around the globe. To learn more, visit

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