September 9, 2014 Integrated Tuning Solution Supports All Industrial Controllers, Incorporates Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Integrated Tuning Solution Supports All Industrial Controllers, Incorporates Advanced Diagnostic Tools

September 9, 2014  Control Station today announced the latest release of its award-winning process modeling and PID controller tuning software for use with Yokogawa Electric’s CS 3000 and Centum VP distributed control systems (DCS). csTuner Powered by Control Station now incorporates advanced performance and interaction analysis capabilities as well as supports the offline analysis of all major PLC or DCS algorithms. Yokogawa is the world’s fastest growing DCS supplier and the new release of csTuner positions Control Station to capture a greater share of Yokogawa’s multi-platform installations.

csTuner was originally launched in 2009 as the product of a technology collaboration between Control Station and Yokogawa Corporation of America. The software leverages Control Station’s proprietary non-steady state process modeling capabilities which eliminate the need for a steady-state condition when tuning industrial PID controllers. Since its original launch the software has been deployed globally through Yokogawa’s network of affiliates. In its first year csTuner was recognized for excellence with the receipt of Control Engineering magazine’s Engineers’ Choice Award.

Yokogawa’s customers asked for these new capabilities and we delivered, stated Rick Bontatibus, Vice President of Global Sales. The added functionality enhances csTuner’s overall value proposition and it reinforces our commitment to delivering the world’s most advanced control solutions.

csTuner’s new offline analysis capability enables licensees to model and tune PID controllers beyond those supported directly by Yokogawa’s DCS. The software’s intuitive design simplifies the analysis of a given process’ dynamics and it enables fine tuning for optimal controller performance. Like other Control Station products csTuner is equipped with proprietary capabilities for accurately modelling oscillatory and noisy process data. The industrial-grade tuning capability is ideally suited for the challenging applications typical of industrial production environments.

csTuner has also been augmented through the addition of an advanced performance and interaction analysis module. The module enables csTuner licensees to gain greater insight into the health of individual PID control loops and to conduct root-cause analysis. A variety of key performance indices (KPIs) and forensic tools within the module facilitate the diagnosis of performance issues associated with controller tuning, instrumentation, and process architecture.

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