PID Loop Tuning Technology

Looking to optimize your existing automation solution? Look no farther!

Control Station partners with leading OEMs to simplify the optimization of your business-critical production processes. Our award-winning process modeling and PID controller tuning software easily connects to your existing automation platform. It makes tuning PID controllers simple and optimizing loops successful.

Whether as a private-labeled offering or as a preferred add-on, our controller tuning software packages integrate seamlessly with your core automation platform. Using the OEM’s preferred and/or proprietary communication protocols our tools automatically identify PID loops on your control network. What’s more, they detect other essential details such as the associated algorithm, existing tuning parameters, controller spans, and much more.

Emerson Process Solutions

Optimizing your DCS is easier with the help of our DeltaV Edition tuning solution.

NovaTech Process Solutions

Optimize your D/3 – the original DCS – with the help of D/3 Loop Optimizer Powerd by Control Station.

Rockwell Automation

The world’s leading PLC/PAC OEM recommends our Rockwell Automation Edition.


Enhance the performance of your CS 3000 or CentumVP DCS with csTuner Powered by Control Station.

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