PID Loop Tuning Technology

LOOP-PRO makes it easy to optimize for optimal control loop performance.

The age of trial-and-error tuning has ended. It’s no longer necessary to adjust tuning coefficients time and time again in order to achieve optimal loop control. LOOP-PRO’s graphic tools and descriptive statistics eliminate the guess work. They provide the insights that you need to get tuning coefficients right the first time around.

LOOP-PRO enables users to graphically simulate the performance of new tuning parameters and to evaluate control improvements based on a core set of key performance indicators. Using the Internal Model Control (IMC) correlations, a controller can be easily adjusted for its unique control objective. With LOOP-PRO’s Closed-Loop Time Constant slider bar, a given controller can be customized for either a more aggressive or a more conservative response. KPIs such as Settling Time and Percent Overshoot assure that LOOP-PRO tunings deliver the appropriate control.

Each license of LOOP-PRO supports multiple concurrent instances and it easily supports the tuning of two or more cascaded loops.

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