PID Loop Tuning Technology

Analyzing process data can be challenging. LOOP-PRO eliminates the guesswork.

If you’ve ever tuned a PID controller manually, then you’re familiar with the uncertainty that comes with plugging in new tuning parameters. Even the most experienced practitioners have some doubts about the amount of overshoot and settling time that will result from new tuning values. Then, of course, there’s the question about which form of the controller to use for a given application – P-Only, PI, PID and PID with Filter.

LOOP-PRO answers these and other questions with the combination of graphic simulations and corresponding descriptive statistics. Simulations for P-Only, PI, PID and PID with Filter are graphically represented and clearly distinguishable from the loop’s existing response profile. A table of core descriptive statistics such as Overshoot, Settling Time, Decay Ratio, Stability and others highlight the different performance options available with each form of the controller. These simple tools enable users to make informed decisions and remove the guesswork of PID controller tuning.

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