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LOOP-PRO TUNER optimizes your PID control loops efficiently with our simple 6-step recipe.

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Are you looking for a simpler way of tuning PID controllers?  Do your existing tools struggle with the noisy, oscillatory process conditions?  If so, then Loop-Pro is your answer.

LOOP-PRO is unlike any other PID tuning software.  Equipped with a proprietary data modeling capability, it is the only software that accurately models oscillatory and noisy process data.  It handles long dead-time with ease.  It functions equally well in open-loop as it does in closed-loop.  LOOP-PRO has proven its value time and again in all manner of industrial applications and it’s simple to use.  Equipped with LOOP-PRO you can quickly and consistently tune your PID controllers for optimal loop performance.

LOOP-PRO is award-winning process optimization technology that simplifies the optimization of complex production processes.  It is private-labeled by leading OEMs.  Important aspects of the LOOP-PRO suite of process modeling and PID controller tuning tools include the following:

Process Data

Get an overview of the data required for accurate process modeling and PID tuning.

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Learn about LOOP-PRO’s proprietary non-steady state modeling innovation.

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See how LOOP-PRO makes it easy to tune controllers for optimal performance.

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Find out what information LOOP-PRO documents about each tuning session.

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Learn how LOOP-PRO’s descriptive statistics can be used to evaluate tuning coefficients.

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OEM Options

See the array of fully integrated tuning products available for key OEMs.

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Find out about the many LOOP-PRO licensing options.

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