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Rockwell Automation Toolkit Program

Control Station is pleased to collaborate with Rockwell Automation and to participate in the Toolkit Program.  LOOP-PRO™ TUNER  (Rockwell Automation Edition) is available at reduced rates for Toolkit customers.

LOOP-PRO TUNER is Rockwell Automation’s preferred PID controller tuning software.  It is a PID controller diagnostic and optimization technology that integrates seamlessly with other products from Rockwell Automation.  All Toolkit licenses are valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of issue.


Innovative modeling capabilities:

  • Accurately model highly dynamic, real-world process data.
  • Support both integrating and non-integrating processes.
  • Compare and contrast dynamics with multi-model feature.

Simplified step-by-step procedure:

  • Recipe-based approach assures simple, repeatable process.
  • Use interactive tabs to update analysis and refine tunings.
  • Launch multiple instances for concurrent tuning sessions
Rockwell Automation

Integration with leading OEMs:

  • Connect “live” to the process via one or more major OEMs.
  • Operate controllers in either open-loop or closed-loop.
  • Convert model parameters to tuning values automatically.

Detailed session documentation:

  • Automatically generate tuning reports with each session.
  • Capture underlying test results, modeling, and analysis.
  • Maintain a history of all previous PID tuning parameters.

Special Offer: Toolkit License Pricing

rockwell-stampGain access to LOOP-PRO TUNER today at significantly reduced pricing.  Licenses are valid for a full year and equip your staff with the tools needed to maximize the value of the Rockwell Automation Toolkit Program.  Note that our offer is for Toolkit customers only with an initial fee of as little as $1,250 per license.  Licenses can be renewed annually for as little as $800.

Contact us now and request a quote.


License Options: Flexible Solutions

Licenses of LOOP-PRO TUNER are available to meet your company’s unique technology needs.  Whether a dedicated workstation license that resides on a single laptop computer or an enterprise license that permits multiple users to check-in, check-out licenses as needed, Control Station makes it easy to deliver optimal PID controller performance cost-effectively.

NOTE: Workstation licenses are for installation on and use from dedicated computers and they are not transferable to other computers. Once the software is successfully activated, it cannot be deactivated without forfeiting the license. This restriction does not apply to enterprise licenses.