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Upcoming Training Workshops:

Our training workshops equip engineers and operators with the skills they need to bring plant optimization to a new level.

Are oscillations effecting your process? Case study: Optimizing a pre-heater water content for a leading oil and gas producer.

By Control Guru

Unable to consistently control the process’ moisture content, this producer was forced to absorb the higher costs or be at risk of raising the moisture level to a point where downstream combustion processes failed. The choices were simple: Either continue to waste resources during pre-heat unnecessarily or take control of the situation.

Join the live presentation and found how process enhancement made the platform profitable.

How do you detect mechanical issues in your mill?

By Control Guru

It’s one thing to know the likelihood that a valve has Stiction. It’s another thing to know just how much Stiction there is. 

This webinar will show you how to uncover where the opportunities are in your mill.

Process Control 101 – Put your process control knowledge to the test

By Control Guru

Poor control costs process manufacturers millions every year. Those losses come in the form of increased energy consumption and excessive use of production inputs. They hit your top-line in the form of reduced throughput as well as erode your bottom-line in the guise of production-related defects. But what about process dynamics and your facility’s workhorse — the all important PID controller?

Test your knowledge on this webinar.