Theory-Based Courses

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Get beyond the formulas.  Learn proven and practical techniques for improving plant-wide control.

Control theory is complex, so our approach to theory-based training is simple: Focus on the application of techniques rather than on the derivation of formulas.  Each of our Practical Process Control courses details proven industry best-practices for optimizing control.  Our single and multiple day workshops are ideally suited for individuals who operate and maintain a production facility’s core process control infrastructure.

Our theory-based workshops are highly interactive.  They provide a strong foundation for identifying, diagnosing, and optimizing your facility’s under-performing PID controllers.

Our portfolio of theory-based workshops provide the essentials for understanding process dynamics and for improving your production facility’s process control.  Regardless of your existing control infrastructure – PLC or DCS – our Practical Process Control workshops enable you to tune PID controllers with confidence and consistency.

theory-based textbooks

Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Process Control

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Techniques of Applied Process Control

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Advanced Process Control

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