Ask Dr Bob: An Introduction

My name is Bob Rice, and I’m the Vice President of Control Station. I’ve been with Control Station for a little over 15 years now, focusing on process control, optimization, analytics, and PID Tuning in everything related to process control.

Over this time, I’ve learned a lot of different tricks, and a lot of different ways to tackle things like PID Tuning, things like controller analytics, alarm management, alarm, rationalization, predictive analytics, and other KPIs. And what I’ve been asked over time is to start putting this stuff down onto paper. We’re well beyond paper these days, and I figured this video would be an excellent way to introduce these topics.

This video series will be kind of short and to the point topics focused on PID control, process optimization, and everything that a process control engineer needs to know to become a better process control engineer. If you have a particular topic or an idea that you would like us to cover, please email us at Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this video series.