Control Station: LOOP-PRO TUNER

All too often engineers accept the status quo when tuning PID controllers due to the complexities of real-world process dynamics.

Even though tuning control loops is proven to improve process performance most software tools are unable to model the noisy, oscillatory dynamics that industry practitioners face every day.

By requiring users to start with a steady-state condition the fundamental value of these tools is lost.

Fortunately, LOOP-PRO TUNER makes the tuning of complex loops simple.

  • LOOP-PRO applies an intuitive 6-step process and it tunes PID loops using either live or historical process data.
  • When choosing the online option LOOP-PRO easily identifies all PIDs on a plant’s control network.
  • By selecting a controller LOOP-PRO automatically initiates the trending of data and prompts the start of your step, pulse, doublet or other dynamic test.
  • With another click a model is instantaneously generated and utilities within LOOP-PRO make it easy to adjust your model as well as to model other data segments.
  • Advance to the next step to customize the controller’s responsiveness and evaluate relevant descriptive statistics.
  • Finally, implement updated tuning parameters directly from LOOP-PRO before documenting the tuning session in a detailed report.

Optimization doesn’t need to be difficult. If you’re looking for a simple way to tune PID controllers, then LOOP-PRO is your answer.

Don’t settle for the status quo. Optimize with LOOP-PRO.