Control Station Triumphs with DEC Export Council Award: A Milestone in Global Industrial Automation

Video Transcript:

My name is Dennis Nash. I’m the president and CEO of Control Station. Control Station was fortunate to win the DEC Export Council Award recently. Back in September of 23, we were recognized yet again for excellence in exporting. Control Station has a growing history achieving export levels that warrant attention from the state and the federal government.

The latest award for exporting is from the DEC Export Council. Control Station was recognized for penetrating two new markets, both Japan and Hungary, for the first time ever. Control Station was recently recognized with the DEC Export Council Award. Adds yet another success story to the company’s growing record of achievement in the global community for industrial automation.

To earn this particular award, Control Station earned this award for exporting, for the first time ever in the company’s history, technologies to manufacturing facilities in the countries of both Japan and Hungary.