Process Analytics and the Use of KPIs

Control Station is the leading platform-independent provider of process analytics and optimization solutions. We offer solutions that make optimization easy.

A lot has been written in journals and trade publications about data analytics. Much of what’s published focuses on the abundance of data that’s currently available and what it tells us. For sure there’s been a surge in the deployment of sensors, the aggregation of data, and the development of new and innovative tools. At Control Station we offer a different perspective on the data itself. We start with asking: What insights do our customers need to uncover?

By definition KPIs serve as key performance indicators – a core set of metrics that offer a fundamental understanding of how a process or a system is performing. That basic understanding of KPIs seems to be lost on some in the analytics arena. Here at Control Station we design KPIs that answer specific questions: Is a plant capitalizing on its investments in automation? Which of a plant’s countless controllers are not operating efficiently? Which valves or dampers are undermining production quality? Where is the root-cause of a plant’s control-related issues?

The KPIs within our PlantESP solution address specific questions that process manufacturers confront each and every day. By helping them answer these essential questions, we’re enabling our customers to achieve optimized production. That’s our goal – to make optimization easy.