Tool Tips: Connecting to a Live Controller

Welcome to Control Station’s Tool Tips video series.

LOOP-PRO TUNER is award-winning technology from Control Station that applies a repeatable 6-step method to the tuning of PID controllers. It supports the controllers of all major OEMs and is the only PID tuning software proven to accurately model the oscillatory, noisy data that is common among industrial production processes.

This brief video demonstrates the procedures for connecting to live process data using LOOP-PRO TUNER

In this Video:

Among capabilities, LOOP-PRO TUNER includes modules for tuning PID controllers using either live or historical process data. This video focuses on tuning PIDs using a live connection. Specific procedures covered include:

  • Automatic loop identification
  • Manual loop identification
  • Adding loops to Favorites

What’s Next:

This video demonstrated how to connect to a facility’s control network in order to tune PIDs using live process data. The next Tool Tips video will show how to perform an effective bump test in either open- or closed-loop.

The Tool Tips video series demonstrates step-by-step procedures for using Control Station technologies and optimizing process performance. For additional product information, visit Control Station’s secure customer portal or contact us with questions and comments.