Tuning Made Easy: Licensing

Most PID tuning licenses are available in just one or two options, but those often fail to meet the needs of licensees. LOOP-PRO is different.

LOOP-PRO licensing options support a wide range of users from individual practitioners to multinational enterprises. Node licenses offer an ideal solution either for control rooms that have a dedicated tuning workstation or for individuals assigned to controller optimization. Site licenses can be installed on a network server, equipping larger teams with unlimited access. And Enterprise licenses allow users to check-out licenses, disconnect from their network, and use LOOP-PRO at the location of their choosing. Even a toolkit option exists for system integrators who have temporary, project-based tuning needs.

If you need a tuning solution that caters to your unique licensing requirements, LOOP-PRO is the award-winning choice.

LOOP-PRO…PID Tuning Made Easy.