How Do I Isolate the Root-Cause of Control Loop Performance Issues?

By Control Guru | May 21, 2014

Finding controller performance issues in a typical production facility is not hard, but isolating and correcting their root-cause can present real challenges. Ask around stories abound of production staff who tune a PID control loop or re-pack a valve but ultimately fail to correct their problem. What may seem like the source of a performance problem is often little more than a symptom.

What is the Value of Monitoring a Plant’s Control Loop Performance?

By Control Guru | May 7, 2014

As might be expected there’s growing interest in plant-wide loop monitoring capabilities. So much so that products in the category even have their own acronym now CLPM. In spite of what the acronym suggests in terms of CLPM being an established technology, questions about its value persist.

How Do I Perform an Effective Bump Test?

By Control Guru | April 24, 2014

Bumping a process is a standard requirement when tuning a PID controller – whether you tune manually or with the help of software.  And, either way, applying industry best-practices will save you significant time and money.

What Are My Options for Tuning a PID Controller?

By Control Guru | April 10, 2014

Not all approaches to PID controller tuning are equal. Regardless of your approach a key to successfully tuning a controller is modeling the process dynamics accurately.