What is Lambda Tuning?

By Control Guru | June 27, 2014

Tuning a PID controller should always start with a clear understanding of both the control objective and the Design Level of Operation (DLO).  Unfortunately a subsequent step (the calculation of tuning parameters) can often put practitioners in a bind relative to achieving the designated objective.

What is Variance? What Metrics are Useful in Identifying Process Change?

By Control Guru | June 21, 2014

Ever walk onto the production floor and just sense that something was different? Whether it was something you saw, heard or even felt, a certain sixth sense kicked in and triggered an alert something’s changed. With what takes place at a production facility change is an everyday occurrence. Considering the typical facility’s size, the interconnected unit operations, the network of piping and instrumentation, and the nonstop throughput, there’s no avoiding change. In fact, a key part of the job is simply staying one step ahead of it.

What is Cross-Correlation?

By Control Guru | June 21, 2014

Do you remember when school kids simply lined up according to height before heading to the library or to gym class? Shortest in the front. Tallest in the back. A quick glance forward and backward is all anyone needed to do to more or less confirm his or her place in the queue. Any outlier (generally the class clown) could be identified and adjusted quickly by the teacher.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the process for isolating and correcting controller issues was that simple?

What Training is Available for Process Control and PID Controller Tuning?

By Control Guru | May 28, 2014

The latest report published by the Manufacturing Institute underscores the growing shortage of skilled labor here in the United States. Their 2014 study of skills and training Out of Inventory simply affirms what manufacturers knew coming out of the Great Recession. Years of trimming staff during the downturn would come at a cost during the upturn. Apparently the bell has sounded it’s time to go to class.