How Do I Perform an Effective Bump Test?

By Control Guru | April 24, 2014

Bumping a process is a standard requirement when tuning a PID controller – whether you tune manually or with the help of software.  And, either way, applying industry best-practices will save you significant time and money.

What Are My Options for Tuning a PID Controller?

By Control Guru | April 10, 2014

Not all approaches to PID controller tuning are equal. Regardless of your approach a key to successfully tuning a controller is modeling the process dynamics accurately.

What is Non-Steady State Modeling or NSS Modeling?

By Control Guru | April 2, 2014

Non-Steady State (NSS) Modeling is the ability to calculate an accurate process model when the associated data is oscillatory, is noisy, or has extensive Dead-Time.  It’s a highly valuable capability when tuning difficult PID loops, and it was pioneered by Control Station.

How Do I Tune a PID Controller?

By Control Guru | March 24, 2014

Techniques for modelling a process’ dynamics and calculating tuning parameters are widely available.  These approaches enable practitioners to tune controllers consistently and with reasonable results.  At Control Station we know a little about this topic as we’ve been sharing these techniques for decades and innovating software-based solutions that deliver even better results.