January 13, 2016 – New Solution Provider Extends Control Station’s Global Reach to South Pacific

Daesim Technologies Network Gains Proven Monitoring and Optimization Services Provider with Addition of Daesim Technologies

January 13, 2016 – Control Station, Inc. expands its solution provider program with the addition of Daesim Technologies Pty Ltd.  The partnership aligns Control Station with yet another expert process control integration and services company with proven experience in plant-wide monitoring and optimization.  The collaboration extends Control Station’s reach to manufacturers located in the South Pacific region and positions the company to capture greater share of the global control loop performance monitoring market.

Daesim is the latest automation technology and services provider to join Control Station’s global network of solution providers.  Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia Daesim specializes in software-based monitoring and optimization solutions for complex process manufacturing applications.  Daesim’s offerings include an array of monitoring, diagnostic, alarming, simulation, and optimization tools that provide awareness of issues affecting production safety and performance.  The company brings nearly a decade of experience with control loop performance monitoring (CLPM) solutions through previous OEM relationships.  Since being founded in 2000 Daesim has established a strong presence in core segments of the process industries, including the basic materials, food and beverage, and chemicals sectors.

Manufacturers worldwide realize that technology can enable improvements to production efficiency and throughput,” commented Don Wilkey, Managing Director of Daesim Technologies.  “With access to Control Station’s portfolio of diagnostic and optimization tools we are now fully capable of helping them to realize those goals.

Today’s process manufacturer demands a combination of world-class technology and local expertise.  This partnership assures that our customers have both,” shared Rick Bontatibus, Control Station’s Vice President of Global Sales.

Daesim expands its product and services portfolio with the addition of Control Station’s PlantESP and LOOP-PRO products.  PlantESP is a leading control loop performance monitoring (CLPM) platform for proactively identifying performance issues and isolating the associated root-causes.  LOOP-PRO is the only process modeling and PID controller tuning software that accurately models the noisy, oscillatory conditions typical of industrial process manufacturing.  Through the partnership Daesim will operate as Control Station’s primary sales and services representative for both PlantESP- and LOOP-PRO-branded products in the South Pacific region. Control Station has steadily expanded its global network of solution providers with the addition of recognized experts in process control and optimization.  Those partnerships have enhanced Control Station’s ability to target key process markets.  Through its relationship with Daesim, Control Station strengthens its access to key industrial centers located in the South Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand.  Manufacturers throughout the region are aggressively pursuing capabilities that enhance efficiency and throughput as a countermeasure to increased global competition.  Technologies such as PlantESP and LOOP-PRO facilitate the optimization of a productions facility’s underlying control infrastructure, and they enable manufacturers to avoid the excessive costs of unplanned downtime.


About Daesim Technologies Pty Ltd

Daesim Technologies Pty Ltd provides innovative solutions to the process and manufacturing industries in the areas of production and operations management.

Daesim addresses the process control and optimization needs of manufacturers located in the South Pacific region.  The company specializes in combining process and systems engineering knowledge with the latest software development methods and technologies.  Daesim’s expertise includes process control and optimization, modeling and simulation, alarm management, data analysis, process risk assessment, systems integration and industrial software applications development.

Daesim was established in 2000 and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.  The company has been offering commercial off the shelf control loop performance monitoring and tuning solutions since 2008.



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