Rockwell Tuner

Optimizing Rockwell Automation controller technologies just got easy.
Whether you operate SLCs or Logix-based PID controllers, tuning them for improved loop performance has historically been a challenge.  Manual tuning can be time-intensive and haphazard.  Auto-tune only seems to work with loops that are already under relatively good control.   Previous private-labelled software tools failed to accurately model a process’ dynamics when either noise, oscillations or long Dead-Time was involved.  With LOOP-PRO TUNER, things are decidedly different.

LOOP-PRO TUNER (Rockwell Automation Edition) is intuitive software for tuning your most challenging PID control loops, and it’s the preferred PID tuning solution of Rockwell Automation.  LOOP-PRO TUNER is award-winning technology that easily connects to your process data for modeling and tuning.   LOOP-PRO TUNER supports the full range of PID, PIDE and Add On Instruction (AOI) block structures.  It simplifies the optimization of your facility’s most challenging controllers.  Key product features include:

  • Integrates seamlessly with the Rockwell Automation HMI
  • Launches via command line to any PID control loop on the network
  • Supports both online and offline analysis of process data
  • Functions equally well using either open- or closed-loop data
  • Accurately models integrating and non-integrating processes
  • Handles noisy, oscillatory and long Dead-Time process dynamics
  • Guides thorough data analysis and loop tuning with its intuitive design and recipe-based approach
  • Archives all PID tuning sessions for future reference
  • Generates comprehensive report for each PID tuning session
  • Simplifies identification of PID blocks on the control network using auto-scan function
  • Multi-model analysis allows examination of the full range of process dynamics

LOOP-PRO TUNER (Rockwell Automation Edition) can connect live to your process data using either FactoryTalk or RSLinx (OEM Edition or higher).  LOOP-PRO TUNER can be purchased as Standard, Plus or Premium and based on any of our Node, Site or Enterprise licensing options.  Click on the embedded links above to learn about these options.  In conjunction with the Rockwell Automation Toolkit Program, we offer Toolkit licenses to qualified program participants.

Control Station’s LOOP-PRO TUNER control loop tuning software can also connect to almost any major OEM. We also have custom white-labeled products for major OEMs such as Emerson, Yokogawa, and Novatech. Learn more here. 


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