White Papers

New Approach for Accessing Data for Optimal PID Controller Tuning

Improving Unit Startups to Reduce Cost and Improve Heat Rate: Application Results

This project sought to evaluate the ability of CLPM technology to accurately identify underperforming PID control loops and to assess the effect of PID controller tuning on a plant’s startup…

Improving Unit Startups through Control Loop Performance Monitoring

This project evaluated the ability of control loop performance monitoring (CLPM) technology to both identify and characterize issues that impede the efficiency of plant operations during startup. In particular, the project focused on quantifying the effects of control loop tuning, mechanical, and loop…

Innovations in Plant-Wide Monitoring, Diagnostics & Optimization

Here’s the problem: The typical paper mill operates 100s of PID control loops and maintains an even larger quantity of production assets.

Evolving Best-Practices Through Simulation-Based Training: Training The Field Operator Of The Future

Simulators are widely recognized as essential to process control training as they facilitate the propagation of a company’s standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Improving Unit Startups to Reduce Cost and Improve Heat Rate: Enhancing Startup Efficiency through Improved Control Loop Performance

The project assessed the potential benefits of control loop performance monitoring (CLPM) technology relative to the identification of unit and equipment control issues that negatively affect unit startup efficiency and…

Reducing Energy Cost Through Improved Disturbance Rejection

Two of the most popular architectures for improving regulatory performance and increasing profitability are 1) cascade control and 2) feed forward with feedback trim.

Model-Based Tuning Methods For PID Controllers

The manner in which a measured process variable responds over time to changes in the controller output signal is fundamental to the design and tuning of a PID controller.

Demystifying Performance Assessment Techniques

Real-time performance monitoring to identify poorly or under-performing loops has become an integral part of preventative maintenance.