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REJECTED: Top 3 Misconceptions of Manual PID Controller Tuning

When the PID controller was first introduced manual tuning was the only game in town. As tuning
software entered the market it consistently failed to address common challenges associated with industrial control. Those lapses provided the rational for a generation of practitioners to continue tuning PID loops by manual methods. Recent innovations now make software the clear and superior
option. But benefitting from tuning software requires practitioners to move beyond those historical misconceptions.


The Habits of a Systems Thinker

From advances in internal production practices and supply chain integration to innovations
in technologies and information systems, manufacturers have been the beneficiaries of
developments that are improving production throughput and efficiency. Many improvements
have been strictly technological in nature whereas others have been limited to the methods or
procedures by which manufacturing is performed.


No More Downtime: Top 5 Loop Metrics for Avoiding Mechanical Failures

With an eye on uptime manufacturers are now investing in solutions that analyze the performance of their regulatory control systems. The control loop remains a building block for manufacturers across the process industries and it is intimately connected to innumerable production assets. Data from the common control loop offers a wealth of information and insight into mechanical issues. Still, knowing how to use that data effectively often presents a challenge.


MISTAKE: The #1 Mistake When Purchasing PID Controller Tuning Software

Purchasing software for commercial applications can be a challenge. That can be especially
true when it comes to PID controller tuning software. So much can go wrong after the
purchase, but the software itself is not always the culprit. Control Station offers a perspective on the #1 mistake and thoughts on how to avoid it.


Express Lane Ahead: CLPM Solutions Are Putting Process Optimization Back on the Fast Track

Control loop performance monitoring solutions were supposed to facilitate optimization of a plant’s PID controllers. Difficulty with real-world process data and limits on their ability to provide meaningful recommendations hampered effectiveness. Those speed bumps have been removed and real-time optimization is now on the fast track.


Process Control 101: Put Your Knowledge to the Test

Think You Know Something About Process Control? As a leader in process control solutions,
Control Station knows that effective control depends on sound knowledge and application of proven best-practices. And as common and essential as PID control is to today’s production
facilities, there is a clear knowledge gap. Take our simple quiz – the results might surprise you.