Are you tasked with teaching essential aspects of the PID and process control? Do you need a complete curriculum that will engage, educate, and evaluate students? If so, then TRAINER is the answer.

It can be hard to teach the essentials of process dynamics and control. Those that have tried know that traditional two-dimensional textbooks alone don’t do enough to explain the subtleties of control and most simulation tools are overly complex. To make matters worse the effort of collecting and organizing materials into a coherent curriculum can be overwhelming.

LOOP-PRO TRAINER is a comprehensive process control training and skills development solution. TRAINER equips instructors with a fully integrated and interactive curriculum for teaching essential topics related to process dynamics and PID-based control. Used by leading process manufacturers and 100s of universities worldwide, TRAINER is based on Control Station’s Practical Process Control curriculum and the company’s award-winning process modeling and simulation software. TRAINER makes teaching the complexities of process control easy.

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