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Are you responsible for tuning PID loops and optimizing plant-wide control?  Do you prefer training that is hands-on and interactive?  Then count on Control Station for your training and skills development needs.

Training is an investment in your future.  It promises to empower you with new knowledge and practical skills.  Unfortunately much of the value from training hinges on the course content and the instructor.  Unless both are top notch, your investment is at risk.

Control Station offers an array of interactive training and skills development courses – hands-on workshops focused on proven best-practices and technologies for optimizing plant-wide process control.  Our goals are simple: To equip industry practitioners with meaningful insights and prepare them for success.  To achieve those goals we only offer courses that have been tested by practitioners like you and we employ proven experts in the field of process control.

Course Options

Learn about our engaging portfolio of theory-based and application-specific course options.

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Meet our team of expert instructors and evaluate their professional credentials for yourself.

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Read about our unique approach to education and how it maximizes your learning experience.

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Delivery Options

See the range of delivery options that make it easy to expand your base of process control skills.

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Learn the necessities of process control, all from the comfort of your computer.

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Course Calendar

Find out when courses are scheduled and in which convenient locations they’ll be delivered.

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