Are you responsible for tuning PID loops and optimizing plant-wide control? Do you prefer training that is hands-on and interactive? Then count on Control Station for your training and skills development needs.

For many practitioners the process of tuning PID controllers seems like a ‘black art’. More often than not the approaches involve either following basic guidelines handed down from others on staff or randomly assigning tuning coefficients. Without a clear understanding of process dynamics and how the PID functions those approaches typically require numerous disruptions to the process and result in little-to-no noticeable improvement in control loop performance. Worse still, they have the potential for being dangerous.

Whether you tune PID control loops manually or with the help of software we can teach you a more effective way. Our methods are simple, repeatable, and proven to deliver consistent, optimal results. What’s more, they’re used by world-class manufacturers around the world and across the process industries. As experts in process control and as one of the first companies to develop a simulation-based curriculum, we have the instructors and tools who can help.

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